Auto Repair Tips

Here are some friendly tips to help not only protect your vehicle but the environment as well:

Properly Inflated Tires

Having underinflated tires can waste precious fuel, which no one wants to do in this economy. Your car has to work harder to propel the vehicle when your tires are not properly inflated.

Having your tires filled up properly and having the wheels aligned will help them last longer reducing unnecessary tread wear and tear. This way, fewer scrap tires have to be disposed of and your wallet stays fuller. This is better for our environment. Think Green. It's a win-win.

Keep Under the Speed Limit & Drive Gently

A vehicle’s mileage greatly diminishes when driven over 100 km/h, because greater amounts of fuel are lost if driven at fast speeds. Driving under or at the speed limit for long periods of time increases the 'litres per hundred kilometres' ratio for your vehicle.

Keeping Up With Regular Tune-Ups

Regular auto care is key to maintaining a long-lasting vehicle. Help the environment and get your oil changed regularly, get engine tune-ups and your tires rotated to help keep your vehicle running smoothly.

A properly maintained vehicle will run more efficiently, will be safer and will last longer.

Taking Care of Your Air Conditioner

Make sure to have your air conditioner serviced only by a certified technician who can handle/recycle refrigerants.

Air conditioners have CFC gases in them, which can cause depletion in the ozone layer. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has said that almost one-third of CFCs that are put into the atmosphere come from air conditioners in vehicles which leak out.
Most of this leakage happens during bad repairs or service, which is why it is crucial to choose a certified technician.

Avoid Idling When Possible

Turn off your engine whenever possible, if you are waiting for your friends, kids or even while waiting in a long line.