Servicing Your Vehicle

  • Replace the spark plugs in your engine regularly. This way, the air and fuel mixture will burn cleaner and more efficiently.
  • Improve the intake/output system. By allowing gas to get in and exhaust out of your vehicle you will improve the vehicle's overall performance and gas mileage.
  • Reduce friction. Use high-quality or synthetic motor oil.
  • Check your oil! Low oil makes your engine work harder.
  • Change your filters. Dirty filters can sometimes increase the amount of fuel your vehicle uses by as much as 10 percent.
  • Keep tires properly inflated and aligned. Check regularly to ensure your wheels are fully inflated and your alignment is good.
  • Get regular engine tune-ups and car maintenance checks. A lot can go wrong with a car. Damaged spark plugs or transmission problems can also contribute to poor gas mileage.

The biggest challenge when facing a car repair is how to deal with the inconvenience. Losing your car for a few hours or overnight waiting for a part to come in for your vehicle can be a real headache when you have work, school, or errands to run. Car trouble can put your life on hold. Drop off your vehicle, we will give you a lift to where you have to go.

Models & makes of vehicles we service:

All of them! We know every model and make inside and out thanks to the use of the most modern technology currently available. We use a patented software network that provides us with the most current information on each vehicle made by every car maker in North America.

So whether it’s GM, Audi, BMW, you name it we can fix it!

Morton Motors has a fully equipped shop to handle your repair needs. We use advanced computer diagnostic testing equipment to ensure your vehicle’s health and longevity. We also handle air conditioning and radiator cooling system service and repairs.

We buy and sell used cars and trucks.

For more information please contact us.
Is there something you need done and it’s not on the list? Call us and ask Geoff!

We are constantly offering items for sale such as top quality used and restored vehicles.

Used Car Search System

We take the pressure and time out of getting you a great deal on a used car, but getting a list of your needs, and helping you hunt down your dream used vehicle by sourcing any vehicle that you want or need.

Simply fill out the form on the Contact Us page of our website, and let us know what type of car you are looking for, mileage, colour etc. and we will track one down for you!

We are a Licensed Registered Automotive Dealer with OMVIC and good standing since 1993. We are a Member of the UCDA and have been since 1993.

Whether your car needs extensive work or a simple repair, the highly experienced mechanics at Morton Motors are ready to work with you at our Etobicoke, ON, auto repair shop.