Drive Clean Test & Repairs

Drive Clean Test 

In Ontario your vehicle might be required to pass a Drive Clean test before it is allowed to be licensed. The Drive Clean test will determine if your car meets Ontario emission Standards and it is usually indicated on your Renewal Form for your license plates. Generally the test is every two years after your vehicle is  older than 7 years of age. The Ministry of Transportation will inform you whether it is required. Tests must be performed at an accredited facility by a certified inspector. These private operators run the test and provide you with a test report.

Test Report

Your vehicle may receive a pass, a conditional pass, a fail or a not ready result. You need to receive a ‘pass’ or ‘conditional’ pass to renew your licence plate sticker.

Drive Clean Repairs

If your engine light is on in your vehicle, it could be an automatic failure, therefore the engine light needs to be addressed before going ahead with your Drive Clean. Used vehicles need a Drive Clean Test Pass before they can be sold. Some exclusions apply.

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