Shocks and Struts

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How do I know whether my shocks or struts need to be replaced? If you suspect they are damaged and the vehicle feels like it's off, you can always get a mechanic to look and let you know how bad it is.
These are some of the things to look for:
If your vehicle bounces all over the road when you hit a bump or dip. You might have poor steering response, stiffness or noise while steering. You could have dented or damaged shock or strut bodies. Excessive nose dive or instability when braking. Cupped, uneven tire wear. Fluid leaks from shock or strut body. Broken, damaged, corroded or worn mounts or bushings. Vehicle sways or leans on turns or when lane changing.
By doing a visual inspection might show some of these issues. You also know how your vehicle handles, so it is a good idea if your vehicle feels like it is bumpy or shaky, it could be your shocks or struts. As your vehicle gets more miles and age, have your suspension checked by a qualified technician.