Something that will never change with vehicles over time is the need to get a tune up on your car. It describes many different services and there is not one specific procedure that this term refers to. Most often we hear a tune up is required when something does not seem quite as normal as it usually does and the thought is that a mere tune up could fix the problem. Does it seem like your car isn't getting the same fuel economy as it usually does? One of the most common suggestions is to replace spark plugs or other adjustments to improve the performance of your engine, most of which is computer controlled these days.

Some of the things that could be considered part of a tune-up:

Checking the battery voltage. Check exhaust valves, worn rings, bad head gasket. Engine vacuum. Scan for fault codes. Ignition timing. Idle speed. Something not to forget is to have a proper fuel injection cleaning which also helps to clean valves, oxygen sensors and the catalytic converters. This contributes to a much better running and efficient vehicle that will  help on the environmental impact.

Always check with a Licensed Mechanic as some of what you might consider to be a minor issue could be part of a much bigger or problematic issue that could cause further damage to your vehicle.