Wheel Alignment

How will I know if I need a wheel alignment?

Wheel alignment can be a complicated topic. When you are driving it could feel like your tires are pointed in the wrong direction. Some of the things that could effect your alignment could be pot holes, hitting a curb or running over something or normal wear and tear of your tires. This will affect your steering and suspension of your vehicle. First have a look at your tires. Check to see how worn they are. When you're driving, does your car pull or veer to one side or the other, even though you think you are driving straight ahead? Your steering wheel could feel like it is vibrating. The cause of these symptoms could also be related to worn suspension or steering components.

Not getting a wheel alignment when it is needed could prematurely wear your tires and cost you additional money changing them more frequently.

Even if your vehicle doesn't have any of these symptoms, it is good to have an alignment once in awhile.